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ABOUT US Why Pro-Life?

We're not militant radicals screaming on the streets. We're not angry, red-faced shouters who's job seems to be holding pickets. We enjoy life, we look just like anyone else, and we're a whole lot of fun to spend time with. We love art, music, and dancing late into the night.

And like most reasonable people, we believe that if you have to choose between taking life and saving it, you should try to save it. Especially if it's the life of your own child.

We're appalled that the ultimate injustice of parents killing their helpless child is legal in our country and pray that someday our country will come to its senses.

We stand in disbelief that an educated nation would debate whether it's ok to kill a child simply because it's a few weeks away from leaving the womb.

But all that said, we know after the darkest night comes a sunrise and we're looking forward to that day. We will come to our senses and build a brighter future. And we hope we can play a part in that.

Reach out to us. We are happy to help you.


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We are Pro Life Web Design Dot Com. What that means to us is that when we have to choose between comfort and saving a life, we'll choose saving a life.